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The Two-Toned Kitchen

The Two-Toned Kitchen

I’ve long noticed that many people paint their kitchen islands a different color than their kitchen cabinets (and sometimes the lower cabinets a different color from the upper).  But this trend seems to be gaining even more traction – everywhere I look, I seem to see a “two-toned kitchen”.  I love this look and I want it in my own house!

Here’s a shot of our kitchen in the house we just purchased  (yes, it’s true – our kitchen! Our new house! Moving in September…).


This kitchen was totally remodeled in the 90s. There’s lots to like about it – the layout and the abundant natural light are just terrific.  But there are some cosmetic changes I want to make. Stay tuned for all the details!  But for now let’s talk cabinet color.

See that middle part jutting into the center of the kitchen?  I have visions of painting it a mossy green, and the rest of the cabinets white.  OR all the “below cabinets” in a mossy green and all the “upper cabinets” in white.  Sort of like this kitchen which is a terrific before-and-after story:

These people really inspired me.  Here’s the before shot (yowza!):

And another shot of the after.  Pretty nice transformation!

And now let’s take a look at some other “two-toned kitchens” done right.

I don’t know how you would ever cook in this kitchen, what with all the hydrangeas and chinese pottery laying about, but isn’t it so beautiful to look at?  Loving the stark white cabinets and the stained dark wood island:

{ Via Pinterest }
The same color concept below, but a more contemporary look:
{ The “Needham Kitchen”, Via Venegas and Co }
Isn’t this kitchen so bright and lovely?  I think the blocks of charcoal, grey, white and chrome work together so beautifully:
{ Via Urrutia Design }
This is a classic, clean look:
{ Via Home Bunch }
I just love this kitchen below. It reminds me of so many restaurants right now in New York.  There’s an industrial element, but also this old school “apothecary” vibe.  Another great example of a kitchen island standing in stark contrast to the cabinets:
This is such a far cry from our modest house in the ‘burbs – what would our new neighbors think of the lucite drawer pulls, the chrome chinoiserie lanterns and the marble up to the ceiling?? But I do love it.  So glamourous, and love that dove grey island:
 { via Pinterest }
This kitchen is open and bright and airy. Playing it a little safe, but the cornflower-navy blue island really adds some great interest to the room:
{ Via home bunch }
This is a little more “kitchen in the country”.  The minty green is an unexpected choice – really punches up the room:
{ Architectural Digest, via Pinterest }
Speaking of punching it up, look at this bright yellow island!  I pinned it onto Pinterest recently and I couldn’t believe how many people re-pinned it within minutes.  The colors must really speak to people!  Or maybe it’s that folks want something new and fresh for their kitchens:
Any particular “two-toned kitchens” here that speak to you?  I’m so curious to learn what appeals.  And what do you think of my mossy green and white plan for my new kitchen?  Any ideas and thoughts are most welcome…!
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