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My Top 5 Favorite Etsy Shops Right Now

My Top 5 Favorite Etsy Shops Right Now

I continue to be amazed by how much I depend on Etsy for my decorating projects.  You can find just about anything!  Here are some shops that I am really digging right now.


1) DuttonBrown Lighting

I’m so glad urchin chandeliers are still “in”.   I want to get one in my family room pronto!!  These guys have a great selection in all different sizes and finishes (including a rose gold copper that is so on-trend right now).  I also love their array of candy-colored sputniks – so fun for a kid’s room.


Dutton Brown Sputnik

DuttonBrown Urchin Chandelier, ~$300 – $500


2) Lauren Adams Art

Just about every client I’ve worked with frets over what to put on the walls – we all want something unique and special and tasteful, but we often don’t know where to look for art, and we don’t think we can afford original art.  Etsy is the answer!

There are so many Etsy shops I could point to for awesome original art – here’s one shop that I think is just great for abstract, colorful, REAL paintings without the $3,000 price tag.

lauren adams

Lauren Adams, Contemporary Abstract Painting, $650


She actually has a whole range of prices – good for the budget buyer:

limited edition 2

Lauren Adams Art, Limited Edition Print, $95


3) Lynn Chalk Custom Drapes

Raise your hand if you already knew that custom curtains cost a fortune..!  Like, we’re talking thousands of dollars.  If you have your eye on a specific fabric but can’t BELIEVE how expensive it is to get that fabric made into curtains, take heart.

This lady Lynn Chalk is awesome – I’ve directed a handful of clients to her and she is professional, responsive, and REALLY good.

lynn chalk

Lynn Chalk, Custom Roman Shade in Kelly Wearstler Katana, $545

You might be thinking, “500 bucks for a roman shade?”  I KNOW it’s a lot of money no matter which way you look at it, but this is designer, to-the-trade-only fabric, AND also – if you were to go through an interior designer and order shades like this, you would likely be paying at least 3 times that amount!

Her drapes are also beautifully made:

windsor smith riad

Lynn Chalk, Windsor Smith Riad, $725

Lynn specializes in designer fabrics, but you can also special order using fabric of your choosing, and there are less expensive options on her site as well.


4) Old World Shoppe (African Juju Hats)

Ever wonder what those feather things are hanging from the walls in designer magazines?  They’re called “Juju Hats”, and they make for great 3D “wall art”.

juju hat


Sometimes, when you don’t know what the heck else to put on your walls, only a Juju hat will do.  And now you know where to find them!

authentic juju hat

Old World Shoppe, Authentic Juju Hat, $235


5)  Pop O Color Designer Pillows

I LOVE getting pillows on Etsy – it’s the perfect way to bring high-end decor into your home without breaking the bank.

kravet ikat

Kravet Ikat Pillow, $35


Mud Cloth Pillow, $35

blue and green teahouse

Blue and Green Teahouse Pagoda, $50

This shop is super responsive which is key, and Katie the owner has literally just about every fabric you can dream of. Also, if you want something specific and you don’t see it on her site, you can make a custom request and she will purchase the fabric and make it for you.  Such a no-brainer.

Hope you enjoyed this list.  Any shops you love that I’m missing?  I would LOVE to hear about your favorite Etsy finds, too!

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