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Trends that Stick: the Pouf!

Trends that Stick: the Pouf!

I really thought the Moroccan Pouf had seen its heyday, but it still seems to be going strong.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Moroccan Pouf!  They add a nice, interesting design element to almost any room, not to mention they are terrifically functional.

Two beautiful examples:

{ From Elle Decor, via Zuniga Interiors }
These days, the “Pouf” is almost synonymous with the ever-growing retailer Serena & Lily.  Don’t know them?  They started by selling only baby bedding and accessories (highly fashionable and a price tag to match!).  And they’ve more recently expanded outside the realm of baby.
Seems to me they were the first ones to put a Moroccan Pouf in a baby’s room – so fashion-forward!
{ A Serena & Lily room, Via Copy Cat Chic }
I actually think for our baby #2, due this fall, we’re going to acquire one (maybe even two?) Moroccan Poufs for the nursery.  They add such a great look and I’m sure babies love to use them to “cruise”.
How fabulous is this teal color?

I hate to sell them down the river because they really do have such lovely products, but the Serena & Lily Poufs are some of the more expensive Poufs I’ve seen ($450 each!). I’ve found some more affordable options:

John Derian, $345 for metallic, $295 for colors:

{ Via John Derian }
Imports From Marakkesh, $225:

{ Via Imports from Marrakesh }

My all-time favorite, Amazon.com, $130:
Moroccan Leather Pouf White Color
{ Via Amazon.com }
But why stop at Moroccan?  These days, there are tons of different “Pouf options” to choose from.  Case in point, look at this Etsy shop I found – AletaFae – selling the most fabulous Poufs, selling for $80-$100:
West Elm has also recently jumped on the Pouf bandwagon.  I love their “ethnic” prints with a graphic punch, for $249:
west elm
{ Via West Elm }
The “Cube” look really is in right now.  Look at the variety out there:
blue pouf jill rosenwald
 { Via Jill Rosenwald }
Jute Pouf

{ Via One Kings Lane }

This Pouf was featured just this week in the latest issue of House Beautiful:

{ Via Saffron Trading Company }

My all-time favorite has to be the Alseda Stool from IKEA, for a whopping $29.99!

{ Via Ikea }

Okay, maybe not ideal for a baby’s room, but wouldn’t it look great in a family room?  Maybe even two or three of them?  Here’s a sweet outdoor use of the Alseda:
The Pouf Trend lives on!  Happy Pouf shopping!




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    June 5, 2012 at 5:07 AM Reply

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  • Phyllis

    June 5, 2012 at 1:29 PM Reply

    I love the pouf!! I had bought some when I went to Morocco back in the late 90’s, but stupidly gave them away when I was moving! Ugh. I wished I had kept them. Totally different look, but I love some of the updated and contemporary ‘bean bags’ of the 70’s that have been resurfaced (see the store Lovesac) Thoughts?

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