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Outdoor Architecture Eye Candy

Outdoor Architecture Eye Candy

Happy Spring (almost?) everyone!  I don’t know about you, but on this freezing, dreary day I need some serious reminding that warmer weather is just around the corner.   How about some poolhouse eye candy to get us in the mood?

crisp 14


Just look at the vertical scale of this structure, and the chandelier!  I die.

crisp 15


Every photo today is courtesy of Crisp Architects.  I stumbled upon their work a while ago, but only just discovered their extensive portfolio of outdoor structures.  Talk about talent!  Each building they create is more beautiful than the next…


Remember?? In the summer you can sit outside and eat.  And smell the warm cut grass all around…

crisp 5



If this were my home, I’d set up my lawn bocce ball set right over there.  

crisp 4



crisp 10



A book and a warm breeze blowing through the screen…and not a toddler in sight.

crisp 1





This is a “Greek pavilion”.  The light inside must be incredible:



Oh, why yes…it is!



This reminds me of the hills in Virginia.  Sort of a modern day Monticello…if Jefferson had a lap pool and teak lounge chairs:

crisp 7



Isn’t this little poolhouse just perfection?



More shots…





Good night, everyone.  Don’t worry, summer’s almost here!

crisp 3


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