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West Elm will Hang Your Gallery Wall

West Elm will Hang Your Gallery Wall

I just about jumped for joy when I received this email from West Elm last week:

 west elm design lab

For about a hundred bucks, West Elm will hang a gallery wall for you!  How fabulous is that – you don’t have to worry about making everything level, spacing out the frames, having the right tools, etc.  (Looks like this is a pilot program, by the way – available in a few test locations and not available everywhere…YET!)

I go nuts for a good gallery wall.  Hire West Elm, and your wall just might look like this:



Via West Elm



Via West Elm

One thing I love about West Elm’s frames, by the way, is that they have a nice mix of sleek modern but also these nice, “weathered” and natural looking materials. 

My favorite right now have to be the Antiqued Silver frames with this burlap-y matting.   Remodelista features a fabulous example here:




I know I sound like a walking advertisement – alas, I have no advertising relationship with West Elm!  I’m just a big ol’ fan of these innovative ideas.

mirror gallery frames

Via West Elm

Love it.  Keep the ideas coming, guys!

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  • Yael

    April 23, 2014 at 6:49 AM Reply

    This is amazing! I can’t wait to have someone try it and tell me how it is! What a terrific idea with a good price tag! Thanks for sharing! xo

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