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What to Hang on Those Office Walls

Lorri Dyner DIY Dry Erase Board

What to Hang on Those Office Walls

One of the most frequent questions I get from readers and clients is “what do I hang on my walls?”.

And now that I just finished my office transformation (you can read more about my journey here and here and here), I found the issue even more relevant.

I mean, how do you make your walls beautiful and attractive if you ALSO have ugly papers thumbtacked to the walls?  Not to mention – an office is a place to showcase your accomplishments (degrees! certificates! awards!), so how do you incorporate all of that stuff as well, and make it all nice to look at?

I came up with 3 fun ideas for my own walls that you can easily replicate at home.  Ready?

1) Kid Art as Real Art.

I’m a big fan of kids’ art – because, to this untrained eye it basically looks like modern art (art aficionados, please don’t hate me!).

AND I love it because it’s personal.

Lorri Dyner Kid Art on Office Walls

I suppose if it were in my budget then YES I would love to have an original painting hanging in my office.  But until then, I’ll stick with C’s “guitar” and his “toy making machine”.

How great are those bright yellow frames, by the way?  Love the odd shape and color.  You can find them here.

Lorri Dyner Kid Art Hang on Office Walls


2) Make Your Own Dry Erase Board

I have this awkward space behind my office door and next to the bookcase that is the PERFECT size for a floor-to-ceiling dry erase board.

I thought about doing a big corkboard, or trying to find a dry erase board that I could cut specifically for this space… but instead I ended up using this cool product called “Sketch Pad” by Sherwin Williams.  You can turn almost any surface into a dry erase board using just one coat of this stuff.

I was all geared up for a big DIY project, but it was really quick.  I used painter’s tape to block off the section I wanted:
Lorri Dyner DIY Dry Erase Board

Then I rolled it on the wall (they supply the paint roller in the box so you don’t have to get one – thumbs up).

Lorri Dyner DIY Dry Erase Board

See how it’s shiny up there in the top corner?  That’s what it looks like!  Shiny and clear.

Lorri Dyner DIY Dry Erase Board
 So clever, right?  I have my TO DO list up there and it’s also where I brainstorm ideas.

lorri dyner wipe board wall

You can find SketchPad here.


3) Acrylic Frames – Modern and Functional

This was a huge a-ha for me.  I really wanted something DIFFERENT for the other wall – and the thought of yet another run-of-the-mill picture frame just wasn’t going to cut it.

So I found these acrylic frames and they are brilliant:


Why, yes – I WAS in HGTV magazine.  Thank you for noticing!! 🙂  In all seriousness, I am trying to celebrate my accomplishments more and criticize myself less (ladies – can I hear an “Amen”?!).  And as we all know, celebrating ourselves and our successes is really key to keeping ourselves moving forward.

So when my husband suggested I put my magazine mentions on my wall, my first knee-jerk reaction was to be embarrassed and to downplay my media mentions.  But after thinking about it, I thought he was totally right – I need to remind myself of what I HAVE accomplished!  So that’s exactly what I did.


Even better, the magazine pages are held to the acrylic by magnets.  Talk about easy to swap out these pages for something new.

You could also easily hang your “random” papers here – (think ticket stubs! A phone number scribbled on a post it note! invitations!).  Just use the magnets and BAM they stay there magically.


You can find these modern acrylic frames here.


Any clever wall solutions out there I haven’t thought of?  What do you have hanging on your office walls?  Please comment below or DM me – I always love to hear new ideas!


NB: Sherwin Williams gave me the SketchPad product to try, but opinions are my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

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