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Winter Garden in Northern California

Winter Garden in Northern California

It had been far too long since our toddler Charlie had seen his SF-based cousins, so last week we boarded a plane from JFK->SFO and here we are!  Charlie and I are staying with my parents in the beautiful Bay Area, and despite the nippy February air, the blue sunny skies are glorious and we’ve spent quite a bit of time outside.  

{ Charlie and his “Gammy” put the easel to good use in the backyard }

My mom is the consummate gardener, and she proves that even in winter a garden can still look beautiful.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that her “winter garden” is in sunny Northern California…
{ The wintery backyard }
{ A bare wisteria vine lies in wait for some spring action }
{ Here’s my folks’ house – I love how the trees form graphic shadows on the front. I wish you could see this house before they applied their magic to it!  Talk about a transformation… }

{ Flowers on the front porch – purple pansies and snapdragons nicely withstand the mild Northern Cali winter }

{ Hearty Primrose line the…well, they line the Primrose path }

{This petal pink plant – the Daphne – emits the most pungent fragrance – almost like roses. It’s amazing!}

{ This circular rock formation hosts exuberant flowers and vegetables in the spring. But even in the barren winter, this spot is so peaceful and pretty in a wintery sort of way. The weathervane looks a little tilted, but I think that’s my camera angle. }
{ Our next door neighbor Kathy’s garden is also a sight to behold – I should have taken more pictures!  Here’s a shot of her gorgeous kumquat trees (more on these fabulous trees in a future post).  Please note toddler in the background, up to no good… }
 { It wouldn’t be California without the citrus trees!  Here’s  “Gammy” on the left and our neighbor Kathy helping Charlie pick his first orange. } 

Hope you enjoyed our little piece of heaven on earth, and I hope you had a wonderful long weekend with you and yours. 

  • Yael Natori

    February 28, 2012 at 9:50 PM Reply

    Your parents house is my DREAM house. So beautiful. Can we just move to California NOW?

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