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Yes, you CAN find a cheaper Adirondack Chair!

Yes, you CAN find a cheaper Adirondack Chair!

I never understood why so many people on the East Coast have Adirondack chairs in their yards.  

But now I get it!  They are sturdy and comfortable outdoor chairs; just a great place to park while you watch the kids play, or have a glass of wine with your spouse.  And they’re handsome!

Chairs on Deck Facing Ocean


But oh man, have you seen the PRICE TAG on these chairs?!  A real Adirondack chair will set you back about $300 per chair.

Even the “cheaper” versions are about $140, and that doesn’t include tax and shipping.

yellow lowes


From Lowe’s for $137

I just really really didn’t want to spend any real money in this part of our home.  You know that feeling?

Weeks of endless internet searching coupled with Craiglist stalking left me feeling bereft.

But THEN I finally found chairs at The Home Depot for $38.  I walked right by and there they were.  Woo hoo!


Okay, so there are trade-offs here.   If it’s $38, you’d better believe you have to BUILD the chairs, and of course they come unfinished.

But I was actually excited to use this grass green paint I had left over.

photo 2

This project is NOT complicated.  But it took some time!  In this case, I really enjoyed the solitude of painting each piece individually during nap time, and then finally bolting the pieces together when I was done.

photo 1-2

Don’t look too closely.  There are parts I forgot to paint!

photo 2-2

I LOVE it when I can find or make something that is usually $$$$$ but it only costs me $.   Such a great feeling.


photo 4


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