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You Can’t Go Wrong with a Sea Grass Rug

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Sea Grass Rug

Since launching Return To Home Interiors and working closely with clients who want their homes to feel more beautiful and pulled together, I’ve heard again and again how hard it is to find the right rug.  I totally get it – the options are endless and it can be so intimidating because you don’t want to make a mistake (or break the bank!).

To this I say, make it easy on yourself and choose a “natural” rug!  I’m talking sea grass, sisal and jute…  You can’t go wrong!  If this sounds familiar, it’s because I believe the same thing about bamboo shades and posted all about it here.


A natural fiber rug (jute?), featured on the cover of House Beautiful April 2012


I love “natural” rugs for all the same reasons I love bamboo shades:

1) Natural rugs have a designer look (interior designers use them ALL the time!).

2) Natural rugs go with almost ANY style in almost ANY room.

3)  Natural rugs can be very inexpensive!



There are a few different versions of this rug you can choose from.  The good old sea grass:

Sea grass tends to be forgiving re: stains (read: good for kids and pets), it’s not super hard on the feet, and it’s pretty inexpensive.


Here’s an example of a custom cut, sea grass:

Designed by Matthew Patrick Smyth, via Cote de Texas

There’s also sisal:

Sisal is used all the time by designers – I think it’s pretty hearty and can come in a lot of different colors.  See how it’s more tightly woven than sea grass?  It’s rougher on the feet and I don’t think it repels stains or suffers kids and pets as well.


I always call my living room rug “sisal” as a general term, but I’m learning that it’s actually “sea grass” and quite different!  We’ve had that thing for almost 5 years and all kinds of gross toddler things have happened to it… and amazingly, we find stains come up incredibly well and the rug still looks great.

Finally, there’s jute:


Jute is the softest on the feet, the cheapest option, and not as long-lasting as the other two options.


I discovered jute recently while reading interior designer Bryn Alexandra’s blog.  She purchased a rug in Jute from World Market for her own home:

Via Bryn Alexandra

 She claims it’s soft underfoot.  And isn’t it pretty?  Even better, the PRICE can not be beat.  A quick search on the World Market website tells me that an 8’x10′ jute rug is about $200!

Here are some other design fabulous examples of sea grass, sisal and jute in action.


Via Houzz

Via How to be a Heroine

Loving this charming corner, made even more special by the Fiddlehead Fig tree:

House Beautiful, via Cote de Texas


 Via Houzz



Via Houzz



Via Houzz
Via Houzz


Via Houzz


I love that a natural rug lends texture and interest to a room without introducing another pattern or color – it takes any guesswork out of choosing the “Right” floor covering.  Isn’t it nice when you can find a no-brainer option and just relax knowing it’ll work out no matter what?


So where to find these rugs?  Happily, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get this look, even though you could definitely opt for “designer” prices!  We found our rug at the ABC Carpet & Home outlet in the Bronx.  I mean, this thing was SUPER cheap.  I totally recommend a visit there if you find yourself local…


Some good retailers to check out would be the usual suspects – Pottery BarnIKEA… Ballard Designs also has some nice options.  Also, look at places like Overstock.com.  And designer Lauren Liess swears by http://www.naturalarearugs.com/ – they do custom fit rugs at reasonable prices.   
  • Terry Marsella

    September 5, 2016 at 2:19 PM Reply

    Thx for the info — I had a rug, it looked like sisal, and it was beautiful. However, it constantly shed. I have dark walnut tile floors, and I was constantly sweeping my floors. I actually gave it away because it was a Pain. My husband wondered if it had wool in it though Do the seagrass or jute rugs shed? I do love the look — I have a home in Florida and have slipcovered furniture and neutral tones along with some navy — Just curious about the shedding Thanks

    • Lorri Dyner

      September 20, 2016 at 7:45 PM Reply

      Hi Terry! Thanks for your note! In my experience, most sea grass rugs do NOT shed. Maybe jute does? It’s definitely a softer material, and is often more loosely woven. I would recommend a sisal or a sea grass that is not jute. Best of luck!

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