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The Two-Toned Kitchen

I've long noticed that many people paint their kitchen islands a different color than their kitchen cabinets (and sometimes the lower cabinets a different color from the upper).  But this trend seems to be gaining even more traction - everywhere I look, I seem to

Trends that Stick: the Pouf!

I really thought the Moroccan Pouf had seen its heyday, but it still seems to be going strong.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good Moroccan Pouf!  They add a nice, interesting design element to almost any room, not to mention they are terrifically

Sweet Dreams: A Bakery Concept Heats Up in the West Village

Don't you admire people who decide to take a big risk and chase their dreams?  I love stories of people who leave conventional, successful careers in order to pursue something totally different. My friend Umber is one of those people.  Successful by any measure, Umber left behind