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Thank you, Fox5! Easy DIY Hostess Gifts

  Lucky me, I was invited back to the FOX5 NY studios this week.   I can't believe how much fun I had drumming up easy & inexpensive DIY hostess gift ideas for these guys.  Talk about creative!  I was cutting up sweater sleeves and painting cheap ceramic tiles late

Got Rope? 3 Easy Steps to a Rope Lamp

Dear readers - as you know, I'm all about the "Lazy DIY": projects that don't require a ton of talent, time or money. You can't get more "lazy DIY" than my "DIY Rope Lamp"! It's one of the easiest (and least expensive) DIY projects to try yourself and the

Nail Head Trim That Will Change Your Life!

It's no secret that I think nail head trim is the best thing to happen to furniture since spraypaint.  Almost anything in your home can be made better by attaching a little nail head trim! Via But I'm telling you, putting nailhead trim onto a piece of