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Perfect Wall Art for Baby…and Big Kids!

Having trouble deciding what to put on baby's walls?  Look no further than The Animal Print Shop.  I love these baby animal prints so much I'm considering having a third child, just so I can decorate a nursery again!   Sharon Montrose is a talented photographer

Make Mine a Double: Bar Cart Fantastic

  Is it just me or is there a bar cart at every turn these days?   House Beautiful Cover, May 2013   Hey, not that I'm complaining!   I love the look of bar carts - like a bookshelf, a bar cart is functional

3 Unexpected Places to Find Throw Pillows

Are you afraid of injecting color into your home?  Don't worry, it's very common!  Choosing colors can feel intimidating, and also permanent (if we're talking wall color, for instance). One easy (and cheap!) way to bring some color into your living room or bedroom is through decorative throw